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Funtography Challenge #4
The subject of this challenge is Patterns
Eternal fame
You'll be known in the Game Boy Camera Community for eternity.
You can upload as many photos as you like as long as they comply with the theme of the challenge.
The photos may not have been published online before. The challenge is to motivate people to take their camera and take photos. Not to dig through archives.
You can't rate your own photos.
Be nice. Don't rate other photo's down just to win. There is no prize except the eternal honor to win, and where is the honor in that?
Only photos taken with an unmodified, Game Boy Camera are allowed unless stated otherwise. No extra lenses, IR Cut filters, no emulation etc.
Everything you can do within the camera is allowed. Stamps, frames, etc. But panoramas however are not allowed. They will get their own contest.
Only B&W. No alternative color palettes.
If you don't have a way to download the pictures to your PC you can also scan a print or take a photo from you Game Boy display.
Optional but much appreciated: Post your entry on Instagram with the hashtag of the challenge. A mention of this discord is also very welcome. Let's grow this community together. Shortlink for the discord: bit.ly/gbccd
Join the Challenge Chat on our discord: https://bit.ly/gbccd