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The Rules

The rules:

  • You can upload as many photos as you like as long as they comply with the theme of the challenge.

  • The photos may not have been published online before. The challenge is to motivate people to take their camera and take photos. Not to dig through archives.

  • You can't rate your own photos.

  • Be nice. Don't rate other photo's down just to win. There is no prize except the eternal honor to win, and where is the honor in that?

  • Only photos taken with an unmodified, Game Boy Camera are allowed unless stated otherwise. No extra lenses, IR Cut filters, no emulation etc.

  • Everything you can do within the camera is allowed. Stamps, frames, etc. But panoramas however are not allowed. They will get their own contest.

  • Only B&W. No alternative color palettes.

  • If you don't have a way to download the pictures to your PC you can also scan a print or take a photo from you Game Boy display.

  • Optional but much appreciated: Post your entry on Instagram with the hashtag of the challenge. A mention of this discord is also very welcome. Let's grow this community together. Shortlink for the discord: bit.ly/gbccd

General information

Under the menu item 'contest' you can see the top 5. A photo will only appear there after it receives a minimum of 5 ratings.

Click the 'Rate' link and start rating. As soon as you rate an image, a new image will appear until you have rated them all.

It is also possible to comment on photos. I think that's fun, so go ahead and do that.

You don't need to participate to rate photos.

So go ahead and upload your photos!