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CS mount custom shell: 2BitToy Camera+

This mod replaces the whole shell of the original GB camera. It can be used with CS lenses and has a slot for an optional infrared cut filter (an unmodified GB Camera without an IR-cut filter also sees infrared light). The 3D files can be bought or a print can be ordered directly on Shapeways. See https://2bittoy.carrd.co/.

CS/C Mount by Herr_Zatacke

Can be used with low cost CCTV lenses (most are CS mount) as well as C mount cine lenses. 3D model listing on Thingiverse.

D Mount by W33dWiz420

Can be used with D mount cine lenses. 3D model listing on Thingiverse

Canon mount

Pentax-K and Canon EF

Pentax 110

CS to Pentax 110 adapter (meant to be used with the CS/C mount adapter)
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