Paper Options for Game Boy Printer

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The Game Boy Printer takes 38mm (1 ½") wide thermal paper rolls with a diameter of 30mm (1 ⅕"). The original paper from Nintendo came in three shades: white, yellow, and blue and had adhesive backing so you could stick your prints. Most of the original paper rolls you find today will have expired and print quality will be poor (even if purchased as new old stock). Standard thermal paper can be used in place of the original rolls and will give you much richer prints.

Non-adhesive Paper Options

Seiko S-951 - 38mm wide, 30mm diameter

Seiko S-950 - 38mm wide, 20mm diameter

NAP-0038-009 - 38mm wide, 30mm diameter

NAP-0038-006 - 38mm wide, 28mm diameter

TH37-30 - 37mm wide, 30mm diameter

Ultrak 499 Paper - 37mm wide, 25mm diameter

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