Replacing the images in the B Album

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This guide will walk through the process of replacing one of the images on the B Album with a new image. In order to take advantage of this you will need the following things:

After legally dumping your camera’s ROM, download and open up YY-CHR. From there, open your ROM by either going to File > Open, or simply dragging and dropping the ROM into the program.

BAlbum 1.png

The ROM will appear to be a garbled mess. In order to fix this you will need to set the Graphic Format to 2BPP GB from the dropdown, and change the first color palette to the following hex values in the bottom pane of the palette area: 30 10 00 0F.

The window on the left that shows the graphics will still be very garbled. This is because the beginning of the ROM contains the program data and not the graphics data. Click the button with the blue triple down arrow to scroll down one page at a time until you reach the graphical data. The first page of graphics should have UI related items in it.

Continue to scroll down one page at a time until you see the B Album image you would like to replace. The nice thing about the B Album pictures is that the picture and its album thumbnail are all single full pages, so they are easy to swap out.

On the left window where it displays the graphics data, right click and drag to select all of the tiles of the B Album image, leaving out the thumbnail and then hit Ctrl + C to copy it. Open up Gimp. Press Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the contents of your clipboard as a new image.

Now take the image you would like to replace it with and copy it and paste it on top of the original B Album photo. If you image is larger than the original photo, click on the floating pasted layer in your layer list and then select “To new layer” so that it is on its own layer.

From here you should resize your image with the scale tool so that it matches the dimensions of the original B album photo. Try different interpolation modes on the tool options for the scale tool to see what works best for your image.

Select all with Ctrl + A and then press Ctrl + Shift + C and then Ctrl + Shift + V to make a new image in Gimp with your replacement. In that image Navigate to Colors > Desaturate > Desaturate and then just apply the default settings.

Next go to Image > Mode > Indexed. In the prompt that opens you need to set your Maximum number of colors to 4, and set Color Dithering to Positioned.

Now your image is the correct amount of colors and the correct dimensions. From here you can feel free to draw on it or do touch ups to clean it up a little. Select your image and copy it. Go back into YY-CHR and right click on the top left tile on the left window and then press Ctrl + V to paste your image in. The B Album image should be replaced!

Sometimes YY-CHR doesn’t do the best job at figuring out which color should be which. In that case select all of the tiles of your pasted image in YY-CHR by right clicking and dragging across the whole thing and then press Ctrl + R to open the replace color window. This will allow you to reorder the colors in the selected area to fix your palette issue.

Finally save your ROM in YY-CHR and then test it in an emulator. If your image is now appearing when you open it up in the B Album you’re good to write it to your flash cartridge! If you want to replace the album thumbnail for your image it is in the final two rows of tiles on the page the image was on.

Explore around in the ROM in YY-CHR. All of the art in the ROM is editable including stickers, UI, the title screen, and many other things. Many pieces of art in the ROM are split up into horizontal rows of tiles. The album thumbnails are a good example of this. You can open a second instance of YY-CHR and copy/paste selections of tiles to make it easier to assemble art to work on, and disassemble it when you're ready to put it back in the rom.

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